Hanna Bliss

2D Flash Animator and Storyboarder


Hi! I’m Hanna. I’m a bespeckled animator and storyboarder in the Boston area. I love books, wooden spoons,  noodles, beards and my cat. My favorite thing is character animation, and I love showing facial expressions. My entire career I’ve been singled out by various studios to lead people and trusted with difficult animation. I’m ambitious, talented and looking to challenge myself and take it to a new level. My career is leading toward a point where I have been creating a lot of my own stories and characters and eventually I would like to be a creator on my own show for television.

Do you have some Flash character animation that needs to be done?  Clean up and color?  Even looking for someone who can do some lipsync on some evenings? Are you looking for someone with experience? That’s me!

Email me if you wish to get started on some projects together
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