Hanna Bliss

2D Flash Animator and Storyboarder


Hanna Bliss

Savannah College of Art and Design (2006)
BFA Animation Magna Cum Laude

2D animation, character animation, story boarding, character design, directing, supervising, inking, painting, illustration, graphic design, training and teaching in an understandable and patient way


Curious Media

Senior Production Animator (2016 – current)

In this role I plan to help organize the studio’s animation process and help keep everyone to a high level of production.


Animation Director (2015 – 2016)

I directed a short called “Prontosaurus”for a Nickelodeon. My responsibilities included animation, animation supervision other animators, supervision over several passes of redesigns and boards.


Freelance Animator (2015 )

I worked on a project for the Smithsonian called “Good Thinking!”  I was responsible for reorganizing character set ups and animation.

Anime Boston

Animator (2015)

I created all visual elements to a 3 minute music video for their annual event.

Soup2Nuts Entertainment

Storyboard Supervisor (2013 – 2015)

I manage a crew of roughly 4 story-boarders. My responsibilities include training, storyboarding, creating animatics, assigning and revising. I also attend all creative/artistic meetings. I mainly do this for a show called Astroblast.

Animation Supervisor (2009 – 2013)

I manage a crew of roughly 15 animators both on-site and offsite. My responsibilities include training, animating, assigning and revising. I also attend all creative/artistic meetings. I mainly do this for a show called “Word Girl.”

Animator (2008-2009)
My responsibilities included animation and revisions on a show called “Word Girl.”

Highlights Magazine
Puzzle Illustrator (2013 – 2015)
I create state themed puzzles at the pleasure of my supervisor.

Big Bad Tomato LLC
Animator (2009)
I animated several characters for an online game based off of the television show “Word Girl.”

Day of Fun Pictures
Animator (2007)
I am the sole animator for a short film called “My Uncle Arnie.” I am in charge of all artistic aspects of the film for this company. My responsibilities include storyboarding, character design, animation and compositing.

Big Fott Studios
I traditionally inked and painted an animated short called “I’m Dirty!”

Turner Studios
Animator (2007)
I animated on multiple series for Cartoon Network and Game Tap.

Animator/Intern (2005)
I animated key scenes, created designs and worked closely with the directors in refining the acting and animation for the Adult Swim program “Stoker and Hoop.”

Radical Axis Studios
Lead Commercial Animator (2007)
My responsibilities included animation, character design, storyboarding, inking, painting, scanning compositing animatics, backgrounds and general organization for each commercial

Television/Commercial Animator (2006 – 2007)
My responsibilities included animation, character design, file creation, set up and often supervising new animators, helping them to improve their skills in Flash, and to achieve the creators’ vision.


Available upon request